Bestway LAY-Z-SPA St. Moritz AirJet

Tuotenro BW-60023
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  • Toimittajana huolintaliike
  • Size when inflated: c. 216 x 71 cm
  • Inside dimensions: c. 166 cm
  • Water capacity: 1190 l / Weight when filled: 1210 kg
  • Capacity for up to 7 people
  • Colour: Rattan (chocolate-brown)
  • Pebble-design floor
  • Thermo-Abdeckung mit Clipverschlüssen
  • Heating function up to 40°C
  • Automatic heating from 6°C to 10°C max. to protect from freezing water
  • Tragegriffe
  • Inbuilt drainpipe
  • Pump/heater with residual current circuit breaker 220-240 V 50 Hz, 2050 W at 20°C
  • Foldable control panel and digitally-managed controlled pump with the following functions:
    • Heating (1 - 1.5°C/h up to a max. 40°C)
    • Heating system is programmable up to 40 days in advance
    • Cleaning (Filter performance at approx. 1,325 l/h)
    • Powerful AirJet™ massage
    • Air filling/Air suctions
    • Energy-efficient timer
    • Drinks holder
  • Contents:
    • 1x Bestway whirlpool
    • 1x Bestway AirJet™ pump
    • 1x Bestway thermal cover
    • 2x filter cartridges
    • 1x dosage float
    • 1x repair patch

Relaxation for up to 7 people

The Bestway LAY-Z-SPA St. Moritz AirJet is a large pool offering a lot of fun and comfort for nearest and dearest. With inner dimensions of 166cm in diameter and a water capacity of up to 1,190 litres, 7 people can fit comfortably into the inflatable whirpool and relax. Made out of Tri-Tech™ material, the pool is comprised of 3-layer material, the core also consisting of a polyester mesh fabric, covered by two PVC layers. This gives the pool superb resilience and makes it extremely durable.

Pure wellbeing!

For a comfortable massage experience, the whirpool is equipped with 180 air nozzles and can be heated up to 40°C, meaning the Bestway LAY-Z-SPA St. Moritz AirJet guarantees not only leisure activities in the summer, but also in the winter. In particular when temperature drop, the whirlpool is ideal for relaxation after strenuous days in work. The automatic heating also ensure that the water doesn't freeze at temperatures below 6°C, meaning it can be used 365 of the year!

Intelligent extras

Using the foldable soft touch display, various options including heating (1.0-1.5°C / h), cleaning (approx. 1,325 l/h filter capacity), massage nozzles or air insertion and release can be cntrolled. Moreover, the automated start/stop heater with energy-efficient timer is convenient for planning how long you're in it. The ChemConnect™ is also a great feature, automatically regulating the amount and distributions of chemicals in the pool. The focus is just on the message experience!

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0 henkilön mielestä tämä esittely oli hyödyllinen
Denne oppustelige pool er rigtig lækker. Vi fik den nemt sat op og pumpen pumper automatisk luft i. Det går super nemt. Vi er utrolig glade for den.
0 henkilön mielestä tämä esittely oli hyödyllinen
Fin pool med gode funktioner. Den varmes nemt op og kan holde varmen længe. Fungerer rigtig fint på terrassen. Solidt materiale der ikke ridses.
0 henkilön mielestä tämä esittely oli hyödyllinen
God pool til pengene. Den giver en snert af mere luksus i hverdagen, og den er god rummelig til flere voksne ad gangen.
0 henkilön mielestä tämä esittely oli hyödyllinen
Lækker pool til vores familie. Den står fremme i de varme perioder, og det er bare super lækkert pludselig at have et bassin i haven, som er en del mere luksus end de almindelige bassiner!
0 henkilön mielestä tämä esittely oli hyödyllinen
Vi købte denne pool til haven for at have en upgrade til de almindelige børnebassiner. Den fungerer rigtig fint med hurtig vandopfyldning, varmepumpe mv.
0 henkilön mielestä tämä esittely oli hyödyllinen
Denne pool tager vi i brug nogle dage ad gangen, så vi undgår at skulle samle og folde sammen for ofte. Den fungerer rigtig godt og er lækker i brug.
0 henkilön mielestä tämä esittely oli hyödyllinen
Mega lækker pool! Den er nem at få pumpet op, og det er lækkert, at den også kan varmes op. Super glad for den.
0 henkilön mielestä tämä esittely oli hyödyllinen
Grunden til at vi valgte denne model frem for en af de andre er, at vandet i denne kan varmes op. Det har vi bestemt ikke fortrudt – det er i særdeleshed varmen der giver denne pool en ekstra luksusfølelse.
0 henkilön mielestä tämä esittely oli hyödyllinen
Rigtig god pool til haven. Nem at sætte op og anvende, og også nem at folde sammen igen. Alt i alt en rigtig god pool til de varme dage.

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