ProForm Carbon R10 Rowing Machine

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  • 10-inch smart HD display
  • iFit Family - 30 days free trial
  • Two integrated 2-inch speakers
  • Oversized pivot pedals with adjustable nylon straps
  • 24 digitally adjustable resistance levels (Quick Resistance)
  • Active Pulse Technology
  • Transport rollers at the front
  • Space saving design
  • Ergonomically shaped seat
  • Adjustable bracket angle
  • Soft touch handles
  • Käyttäjän enimmäispaino: 114 kg
  • Mitat - ProForm Carbon R10 Rowing Machine: (P) 221 cm x (L) 56 cm x (K) 115 cm

ProForm Carbon R10 Rowing Machine – For even more rowing fun at home!

With the ProForm Carbon R10 Rowing Machine the domestic fitness training is more fun immediately. The Carbon R10 rower is the perfect combination of cardio- and strength training and also has a high entertainment factor. The frame of the rower is kept in a plain grey, while the feet stand out in yellow and create a colourful accent in your own home.
Thanks to the magnetic resistance system, the workout can be performed without interruptions or disturbing noise. Even and smooth rowing movements make the training very pleasant. The ergonomically shaped seat and oversized pivoting pedals with adjustable nylon straps provide great comfort even during long workout sessions.

Numerous training options for beginners and professionals

So that the training does not become boring, the ProForm Carbon R10 Rowing Machine offers numerous workout options both for beginners and professionals. Especially the 24 digitally adjustable resistance levels offer the right effect for every intensity. There is no need to perform any tedious operations to make the change. A simple push of a button is enough to adjust the resistance and continue the workout without interruption.
The front-mounted transport rollers help move the rower easily to the side after training or fold it up and store it in a space-saving way thanks to the unique space saver design.

10-inch smart HD display and entertainment with iFit

The integrated 10-inch smart HD display not only shows you your workout data, but also has a high entertainment factor with iFit connectivity. The two 2-inch speakers also provide optimal sound while listening to your favourite music during the rowing session.
Another advantage of the Proform Carbon R10 is the adjustable console angle to provide users of different sizes with a perfect viewing angle during training. The built-in 10-inch smart HD screen also lets you launch the iFit app and enjoy even more entertainment during your workout session.

iFit app - your personal fitness experience at home!

The ProForm Carbon R10 Rowing Machine provides you with digital guidance for training at home, thanks to the integrated iFit training app. Immerse yourself in a completely personalised workout experience right in your own home with the iFit app. From cross-training in exotic locations to the thrill of a group studio workout, you can try something new everyday.
Finally, you have access to virtual one-on-one training whenever you want! Take advantage of over 400 training programs conducted by select top athletes or participate in exciting and motivating online fitness classes. Follow your favourite trainers on a fitness journey across the world. Also, get personalised workouts and advice on training, activity, nutrition and sleep.

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