Alpha Champ LRT-Triple trampolines

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Fitshop testitulos
  • innovativee construction out of three bound-together framing modules
  • Inbuilt, hexagonal bounce mats with elastic bands and fasters
  • Full-body training
  • Training that's gentle on the joints
  • Detachable handle
  • Space-saving zusammenklappbar auf 1m2
  • Framing made from high-grade steel- suitable for indoor and outdoors
  • Guarantee:
    • 5-year guarantee on the metal components
    • 2-year on remaining parts, excluding parts prone to wear and tear
  • Mitat - Alpha Champ LRT-Triple trampolines: (P) 240 cm x (L) 115 cm x (K) 135 cm

The innovativee fitness trampolines: Alpha Champ LRT-Triple trampolines

The Alpha Champ LRT-Triple swing trampolines proves convincing with a wide range of uses and can be referred to in almost every type of sport. It's for this reason the trampolines inspires its use by fitness studios and sports organisations, but also, in particular, in health-centric training for prevention and rehabilitation.

Well-considered construction and attractive design

The well-considered, high-degree steel construction includes three bent-together, hexagonal frame moduleswith which high-end bounce mats, elastic bands and fasters inbuilt. The three connected bounce mats, through the unique product design, can be equally attached during training. This results in a variety of training possibilities for all muscle groups.

Wide range of exercises

With lateral jumps or through specific weight exercises, joint muscles like the Kapsel ligaments can be optimised in strength. In types of sport that lead to severe knee or ankle injury, this is particularly relevant, as collateral and cruciate ligament injuriIt can thereby be reduced. For continued muscle and stability development after injury, the Alpha Champ LRT-Triple Swing trampolines proves ideal.
Alongside general improvement in cardiovascular efficiency, sport-specific fundamentals and abilitiIt like mobility, strength, stamina, efficiency, agility and coordination can be trained and improved with the trampolines.
Professional athletes as well as sports enthusiasts benefit from highly intensive full-body workouts and enjoy various forms of training with great leaps for joy. For instance, this also means intra- and intermuscular coordination, short-term strength development, body stability or cardiometabolism and skeletal muscle stability can, after high-intensity interval training (HIIT), be raised.

High quality and functional

Thanks to its straightforward mechanics, lateral jumping surfaces can be folded up. The height-adjustable handle can be dismantled from the rack, according to requirements and training methods.
Whether it's training with your own body weight or with the help of weights - the Alpha Champ LRT-Triple trampoline is an excellent choice with which to reach your sporting goals!

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