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Etan tarjoaa laajan valikoiman korkealuokkaisia kuntolaitteita ja lisävarusteita treeneihin kotona. Etan trampoliini tuotteiden avulla voit kohottaa kuntoa kotona tehokkaasti, pudottaa painoa ja pitää itsesi terveenä. Lue lisää
Fitshop tarkastaa jokaisen kuntolaitteen perin pohjin. Sen jälkeen kokeneista urheilutieteilijöistä, ammattiurheilijoista ja huoltoasentajista koostuva tiimimme arvioi eri kategorioiden tuotteet. Fitshopn testituloksen avulla voit helposti verrata tuotteita keskenään ja löytää juuri oikean laitteen omaa harjoitteluasi varten.
Etan tarjoaa laajan valikoiman korkealuokkaisia kuntolaitteita ja lisävarusteita treeneihin kotona. Etan trampoliini tuotteiden avulla voit kohottaa kuntoa kotona tehokkaasti, pudottaa painoa ja pitää itsesi terveenä.
Etan Trampolines are prized outdoor trampolines that combine fun along with high safety standards, long lifespan quality and a great price-performance ratio or shortly said, fun you can trust! With an Etan trampoline you offer your children the best fun they can have. Etan trampolines are also all-rounders for sports activities for young and old alike. It can offer the perfect balance to school and office stress as well as getting you moving in the fresh air while having fun. While jumping on the trampoline the muscle groups of the whole body relax and the extra intake of oxygen increases concentration.

The Etan quality fullfills the highest demands and security thanks to its robust and comfortable manufacturing of padding, jumping mat, safety net and double galvanised framing. Etan trampolines are designed to be widthstand being left in the garden under the elements. Though it is recommended in the winter months to be disassembled and stored in a dry place to extend its life-span. Assembly and disassembly is done quick and easy. Based on the deep experiecne from Etan in the area of sport and leisure equipment, Etan trampolines are available in various models and sizes. Therefore every family at any budget for any garden can find their perfect trampoline.

An overview of the Etan trampolines

The Etan Premium Series

Etan Trampoline
Get on the Etan Premium Series
The trampolines Premium Gold and Premium Platinum are the flagships of the Etan trampolines. Etan Premium trampolines have an extremely stable frame made from double thermal galvanised steel, high performance diamond springs for optimal jumping comfort and perfect spring, an 8 stictched jumping mat made from weather resistant and colour-true materials as well as an especially thick and UV resistant protection ring and the framing and the spings are completely covered. The quality of these trampolines guarantees fun for years to come! The user weight is also especially high. The protection ring is compiled of more segments so that the material doesn't shrink to together from the UV-rays. The frame is galvanised after welding so that rost doesn't get a foothold. All Etan Premium trampolines fullfill the highest safety demands and are certified for public usage, e.g. in kindergardens or sport clubs.

The Etan Diamond-Spring-System: higher, lighter, softer

Etan Trampoline
Etan Diamond-Springs
Innovation from Etan: Through the unique Diamond-Spring-System the Etan Premiun trampolines give youoptimal jumping comfort. What's special about this system is that every second spring is already pretensioned. This gives an optimal jumping experience for lighter children as well as adults. You jump on Etan trampolines higher, lighter and softer. Just like being on a cloud.

A clear view in the garden with the Etan in-ground trampoline

In-ground trampolines are assembled into the ground so that the jumping area is only a couple of centimetres above ground level. This is ideal for small children in which they can reach the trampoline without help, a ladder is not needed due to the entry level of approx. 20cm. Another safety feature, is that in-ground trampolines make it impossible for animals or children crawl underneath the trampoline. An in-ground trampoline also keeps the clear overview in smaller gardens. The near ground jumping area of the Etan Hi-Flyer Trampoline in-ground set is especially easy for small children to reach. Safety is taken care of that the safety net and protection ring are included. Very practical: If you already possess a normal (above ground) Etan Trampoline, you can purchase the in-ground kit to transform it into an in-ground trampoline.

More fun, more comfort, more safety. Accessories for the Etan Trampoline

To transform the trampoilne to your individual needs and to protect it from weather influences, Etan offers safety nets, covers, achor sets and ladders as additional accessories. An especially unique accessory is the Etan Basketball net TopShot Pass incl. Ball, that is easily mounted via a pole connected to the frame and transforms your trasmpoline to a springing basketball court, try it for yourself!
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