Marcy HG7000 Press Gym

Tuotenro MF-HG7000
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Fitshopn testitulos
  • Space-economical strength station for the home
  • Very good price-performance balance
  • Powder-coated steel construction
  • Double cable pull
  • Four different grip modules
  • Chest and back workouts:
    • Chest press, butterfly, one-armed crossover cable pull, lat pulldown, overhead rowing and seated rowing
  • Shoulder, bicep and tricep workouts:
    • Lateral raises, front raises, reverse fly, shoulder raises, upright row, barbell curl, cable curl (high and low block), cable pull with a tight overhand grip, triceps press, lat pulldown with one-handed grip and forehead press
  • Leg and abdominal workouts:
    • Leg press, hamstrings, leg extensions, abduction, adduction, abdominal press on the cable pull, wood chops on the cable pull and side hip lifts
  • Firm seat
  • Käyttäjän enimmäispaino: 136 kg
  • Mitat - Marcy HG7000 Press Gym: (P) 174 cm x (L) 114 cm x (K) 216 cm

Attractive design, stable construction

With its elegant colours and its stable, powder-coated steel frame construction, the Marcy HG7000 Press Gym by Marcy is glamorous to look at and at the same time a space-saving multi-gym. The gym is equipped with a 68kg weight block with which a total resistance of up to 180kg can be achieved. So every user can set optimal stimuli in no matter which exercise and build up muscles as quickly as possible!

Wide range of effective cable pull exercises

With the Marcy HG7000 Press Gym more exercises can be carried out than are obvious at first glance. The reason for this is the integrated cable pulls, which are located on the upper and lower side of the mini-gym, to which the four different handle modules can be attached quickly and easily. This means that not only bicep or rowing exercises can be performed on the lower cable pull, but also leg curl exercises with the loop, one-armed rowing with the handle or shoulder lifts using the SZ bar. Lat pull exercises, tricep pushdowns or wood chops can be performed with the upper cable pull. Since there are not many exercises for the lateral abdominals and these are often neglected, wood chops are a popular exercise for many exercisers.

Foldable curl desk and guided exercises on the machine

In addition to the cable pull, the Marcy HG7000 Press Gym also provides guided exercises. Both chest press and butterfly exercises can be carried out on the multi-gym, with the foam rollers offering optimum conditions for effective leg extension training. Another machine highlight is the foldable and height-adjustable curl desk, which can also be used as a back pad for the inbuilt leg press.

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