Marcy SM4903 Smith Machine

Tuotenro MF-SM-4903
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  • High-quality multi-press from the Marcy brand
  • Heavy-duty, tubular, steel construction with powder coated finish
  • Barbell bar is not included
  • Full body workout with different training options: lat pull-down, cable pull-down, bench press, pull-up, shoulder press, dips
  • Adjustable safety racks
  • Quadruple cable pull
  • Included: bench with transport wheels
  • Removable dip station
  • Flexible weight adjustment with weight plates (also for cable pull)
  • Training bench: number of adjustments seat: 4
  • Training bench: number of adjustments backrest: 6
  • Training with a guided barbell ensures safety during training
  • Free training possible at any time through the cable pulls
  • Käyttäjän enimmäispaino: 136 kg
  • Mitat - Marcy SM4903 Smith Machine: (P) 218 cm x (L) 185 cm x (K) 218 cm
  • Monipuoliset harjoitusmahdollisuudet:: Hartia, Rinta, Selkä, Jalat, Käsivarret

Multi-press with safety and an attractive design

The sturdy steel frame construction of the Marcy SM4903 Smith Machine is visually an absolute eye-catcher. The red elements perfectly complement the grey steel frame, creating an attractive multi-press, which will fit into any environment. In addition, the station has a highly functional bench with a flexible seat and adjustable backrest that can be positioned in up to 4 (seat) or 6 (backrest) different levels. If necessary, the bench can be transported via the rollers, so that free exercises can also be completed inside the cage.

Varied equipment for countless exercises

The Marcy SM4903 Smith Machine combines several items of fitness equipment in one product and many different exercises can be performed. For example, with the pull-up bar you can intensively train the back and biceps, and with the bench and dip device - the chest and triceps. Using the barbell or multi-press, it is possible to perform squats, among other things, which train both the legs and lower back. With these basic exercises you have already covered a large percentage of the muscles, however, you can additionally use the lower or upper cable pulley to help you target specific muscle groups. As a result, a total of over 50 different exercises can be completed with the Marcy SM4903 Smith Machine.

Smooth movement and selectable resistance

The ball-bearing mounted and maintenance-free guide of the barbell bar allows the bar to run easily and smoothly. Both the barbell and the cable pull are impeded with weight plates and it is possible to train variably depending on the exercise. Safe use is guaranteed by the safety emergency racks and the knurled grip surface on the barbell, which ensures an optimal grip. Save both time and money with the Marcy SM4903 Smith Machine and take your home workout to the next level by adding a unique multi-press to your arsenal!

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