Stages Cycling indoor cycle SC2.20

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  • First-class indoor cycle at studio quality
  • Drive system: CarbonGlyde with Gates drive, carbon fiber belts
  • Gear ratio: 5:1
  • Stages Cycling console available as an option
  • The Stages Cycling console requires a power meter for data transmission
  • Resistance system: Magnetic eddy current, Sprintshift resistance level, Micro Adjust resistance wheel and Push to Stop for emergencies
  • Frame material & construction: 6061-T-Aluminium, advanced Hydro & air-formed hose , TIG weld seam
  • Q factor (pedal space): 158mm for more ergonomics and natural drive
  • Handlebar: comfort-coated Aluminium RoadBar
  • Cup pedals (compatible with SPD Shoe systems)
  • Ideal for those 147-208cm in height
  • Position adjustments via the patented StagesFit System with Locpin height and length settings
  • Guarantee (home, semi-professional and studio use)
    • Frame: 15 years
    • CarbonGlyde carbon fiber belts: 10 years
    • Mechanism: 3 years
    • Installation and electronics: 12 months
    • Parts liable to wear: 6 months
  • two bottle halter
  • Warranty (home use, semi-professional, and studio use)
    • Frame: 15 years
    • CarbonGlyde carbon fibre belt: 10 years
    • Mechanics: 3 years
    • Installation & electronics: 1 year
    • Wear parts: 6 months
  • Käyttäjän enimmäispaino: 158 kg
  • Mitat - Stages Cycling indoor cycle SC2.20: (P) 125 cm x (L) 62.1 cm x (K) 0 cm
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    • Jarrujärjestelmä: manuaalisesti säädettävä magneettijarru

The Stages Cycling indoor cycle SC2.20 is a First-classs fitness device, which stands at highest level technically and proves convincing with its comfort and the highest stability.

Stages Cycling indoor cycle SC2.20 with CarbonGlyde- drive system

The drive centrepoint is the tailor-made Gate carbon belt. The power transmission is as efficient as with a new, well-oiled chain and will remain so. In contrast to the chain, the belt need neither be readjusted, greased nor oiled and, thanks to its self-cleaning function, it always stays clean.
Equipped with the CarbonGlyde drive system with the Gate carbon belt, the SC2.20 bike takes care of things for a unique, authentic driving experience. The Gate carbon belt impresses with its very long service life, low maintenance and, above all, with its incredibly smooth running.
The frame of the SC2.20 bike is made of light, rustproof aluminum. The ergonomically shaped RhythmBar offers a particularly large number of grip positions for rhythm courses. This handlebar is so placed for you to support yourself well. Thanks to the patented FitLoc adjustment system, the handlebars and seat can be adjusted 5 times faster than with the conventional twist-to-lock system. The stepless saddle and handlebar adjustment guarantee a refined and, as such, an optimum sitting position.

SprintShift: resistance changes with just one touch

With the next-generation Stages SprintShift ™ system, you can precisely regulate the maintenance-free magnetic brake system. The SprintShift system consists of a rotary knob and a lever, which enable small-step and stepless resistance regulation.

The SC2.20 bike offers maximum stability. A level compensation is attached to the feet. This way, you're able to adapt your indoor bike to the training room as best as possible.

Sensible accessories

Stages console

The Stages-training console, available separately, is the cycle computer for the latest generation of Stages indoor bikes. With the bike computer, you can measure your training data such as maximum, average and ride total values for the following values: kilojoules (work), Kcal (calories), watts, cadence, speed, heart rate (when a chest strap is worn), time and distance. After training, you can analyze your performance. You can see where you are already achieving top performance or in which areas you can still improve.

Power meter

To measure your power in watts, you can retrofit the bike with an optional power meter. The power meter enables accurate measurement to within 1.5% in all conditions.

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