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Swix is inextricably linked as a manufacturer of high-quality products for alpine sports and as a global brand among millions of enthusiastic users. Absolute top athletes in alpine sports such as Julia Mancuso have relied on the expertise and innovative strength of Swix and its exceptional products for years. As the most successful American skier of all time, Julia Mancuso is the perfect brand ambassador for Swix. Swix stands for the passion of Nordic sports like hardly any other company and since its founding has carried the values of will, joy, and the pursuit of perfection out into the world - values that are reflected in every product that leaves the Swix factory each day to accompany fans of alpine sports in their passion. In our wide Swix range of high-quality poles and practical accessories, you will find the right product to make your next descent a special experience.
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Yritys Swix pitää majaa Norjan Lillehammerissa. Vuonna 1946 Swix aloitti suksivoiteiden ja 1974 hiihtosauvojen valmistuksen. Vankan kokemuksen rohkaisemana Swix valmistaa tänä päivänä myös korkealaatuisia sauvakävelysauvoja.
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