Tacx Neo Bike Plus

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  • Tacx NEO Bike Plus - experience a unique ride experience
  • Near-realistic functions like virtual gear-changing, Gear Feel and descent simulation
  • Compatible with the favourite cycling apps, like Tacx, Zwift and TrainerRoad
  • Particularly quiet thanks to the NEO smart technology
  • Output up to 2200 watts possible!
  • Up to 25 % incline or descent can be simulated
  • Reliable and precise - NEO bike accurately measures your performance to 1 %
  • Dynamic inertia - creates a very realistic ride sensation! The dynamic inertia compensates influencing factors like weight, speed and incline angle
  • Integrated, interactive fans
  • Pedalling analysis: with this your pedalling technique is measured precisely and analysed - learn how to train more effectively
  • Gear Feel and Road Feel - these features simulate the vibrations of different road surface, as well as the chain jumping into another gear
  • Descent simulation available
  • Height of the seat post can be adjusted
  • Handlebar position can be easily adjusted
  • Compatibility:
    • Apps from Tacx
    • Compatible Garmin bike computer
    • TrainerRoad
    • Zwift
  • Can also be used without a power source:
    • Ride on flat roads
    • Faster = higher resistance
  • 4.5-inch display
  • USB connections
  • Scope of delivery: Ciro bottle holder, fans, handlebars, monthly subscription to Tacx Premium software, saddle, sweat catcher, tablet holder, Tacx manual, water bottle, two USB chargers (front)
  • Technical data:
    • Connection indicator: 3 LEDs
    • Shifting compatibility: shifters can be individually adapted in line with the shifting logic of SHIMANO, SRAM and Campagnolo. Choice of up to 3 virtual chain rings, adjustable between 22 and 53 teeth. Virtual cassette with up to 12 sprockets, can be adjusted to between 11 – 40 teeth per sprocket.
    • Q-factor: 148 mm
    • Maximum torque: 88 Nm
    • Max. braking force: 260 N
    • Crank lengths: 165, 167.5, 170, 172.5, 175
    • Fans available
  • Käyttäjän enimmäispaino: 120 kg
  • Mitat - Tacx Neo Bike Plus: (P) 139 cm x (L) 75 cm x (K) 117 cm
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Realistic riding experience – in your home

With the Tacx Neo Bike Plus you can turn your home into a cycle route. Simulated gradients and vibrations, which feel like riding on a wide variety of roads, give you a realistic riding experience. You can use the gears just like on a real bike. These then simulate shifting to other gears. You can also simulate downhill riding using power from an external source. The settings can be easily adjusted, meaning your whole family can use the bike.

Enjoy quiet rides – without limitations

Ride fast without disturbing those around you. This is all possible with the bike, as it is particularly quiet.


The Tacx Neo Bike Plus is compatible with apps such as TrainerRoad, Zwift and Tacx's own app. You can use the Tacx app on your phone, tablet or desktop. With the app, you can ride on the most exciting routes around the world without even having to leave your home. You can also create your own GPS trips. You can even receive your speed, power, cadence and much more as data on your device. Set your own goals, which you can then define with the duration and load in the app. You can also compete live against your friends or against yourself as a virtual training partner. The Tacx app uses one of your old training successes for this.

Tacx NEO Bike Plus vs. Tacx Neo Bike Smart

In essence, the Bike Plus and the Bike Smart have many of the same functions. However, there are also differences.

There are also differences in shifting compatibility. The Bike Plus has shifters that can be individually adjusted in line with the shifting logic of SHIMANO, SRAM and Campagnolo. There is a choice of up to three virtual chain rings, adjustable between 22 and 53 teeth. It also has a virtual cassette with up to 12 sprockets, on which between 11 – 40 teeth per sprocket can be adjusted. The Bike Smart, on the other hand, has a chain ring layout with up to 3 sprockets, with the teeth being adjustable between 22 and 53 per sprocket. The rear cassette has up to 12 sprockets, and the teeth can be set between 11 and 40 per sprocket.

The maximum torque and maximum braking force also differ between the two bikes. The Smart Bike has a torque of 85 Nm and the Bike Plus 88 Nm. The maximum braking force is 260 N for the Bike Plus and only 250 N for the Bike Smart. A final relevant difference is that the Bike Smart only has three different crank lengths that can be set, while the Bike Plus has five.

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