Bluetens Duo Sport

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  • High quality Bluetens Duo Sport muscle stimulation device
  • Easy to control using the app via Bluetooth®
  • Perfect for pain therapy, rehabilitation, recovery or strengthening the muscles
  • Over 100 therapeutic, strengthening, relaxing and treatment programmes to treat all areas of the body
  • Use the app to select which area of the body you want to target the treatment on
  • Wide intensity range (from a slight tingling sensation to full tension of the muscles)
  • The programmes can be stopped and continued individually for warm-up and rest phases
  • 5 effects (rubbing, knocking, kneading, pressure, contraction)
  • The intensity can be adjusted via the app or the settings wheel on the device itself
  • The app features a simple explanation of how to place the electrode
  • One or both Bluetens stimulators can be used as desired, with the same or different programmes running
  • A statistics mode for usage time or favourite programmes are available in the app
  • Automatic connection via Bluetooth® 4.0 (BLE)
  • Compatible with Bluetooth® 4.0 (BLE) from Android 4.3 / iOS 7 onwards
  • Bluetens Duo Sport weighs a pleasant 25 g and is only 6 cm x 4 cm x 1.2 cm in size
  • Integrated lithium-ion battery is rechargeable via USB
  • 1 hour of charging is around 5 hours of usage time (15 days of use with a 30-minute run time)
  • Scope of delivery:
    • 2 Wireless Duo Sport Adapters for using Bluetens wirelessly
    • 1 pack of sport electrodes (8 x S sport electrodes, 4 x M sport electrodes)
    • 2 x USB charging cable
    • 4 snap electrode cables (2 x 15 cm and 2 x 25 cm)
    • 1 travel box to protect, transport and store 2 Bluetens Sport including accessories
    • 1 waterproof bag
    • 1 user manual

2 main advantages of the Bluetens Duo Sport at a glance:

The main advantages include: 1) the Bluetooth® function, which allows you to operate it easily via the app, and 2) there are almost 150 selectable programmes for all areas of the body.

Bluetens Duo Sport

The Bluetens Duo Sport was developed by physiotherapists and is a networked muscle stimulation device, which is clear from the first use. Available in two versions, the Bluetens Duo Sport is twice as effective and powerful as the classic Bluetens standard electrostimulation device and it allows you to treat up to two areas of the body at the same time using the app. So declare war on tension, muscle or joint pain. These problems should no longer be your companion in the future, because now they will be resolved by the Bluetens Duo Sport.

Compact design combined with an attractive appearance

Each Bluetens Duo Sport consists of two wireless Duo Sport adapters and three electrode pads, whereby the two smaller pads are connected by electrode cables (2 x 15 cm or 2 x 25 cm) and the larger, rectangular pad is attached to the back of the adapter. The adapters are battery-operated and only need one hour to charge, allowing them to be used for 15 days (5 hours). Get rid of annoying cables and look forward to full freedom of movement and flexibility.

Numerous possibilities and innovative programmes

Choose from over 100 programmes for 15 areas of the body, and support your physical wellbeing with four different modes (therapy, relaxation, strengthening and treatment) and 5 resulting effects (friction, kneading, pressure, tapping and contraction). Different programmes can be selected for each device via the same app and the intensity can also be adjusted as desired via the app or the wheel on the adapter.

Small but effective, the Bluetens Duo Sport helps you with rehabilitation, treatment, strengthening of the muscles, tendon and fascia training, and is an ideal addition to your training plan, and provides a perfect balance after a strenuous day.

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Ik bezit een Slendertone Abs8 en deze leek maar niet te doen wat ik ervan verwachtte. Dus de Bluetens aangeschaft en wat een verschil! De programmas zijn zo professioneel en hebben een duidelijk effect na mijn training. Ik merk op die paar weken een zichtbaar verschil. Heb vervolgens ook de Abs power pack aangeschaft en die kan ook voor de gewone programma's gebruikt worden. Super handig. Het enige wat ik merk is dat de grote pads niet goed kleven en midden training soms afvallen. Mss dat ze standaard in de doos al wat ouder zijn en minder kleefkracht hebben? Ik hoop het in ieder geval.... [Lue lisää]

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