Force USA multi-gym G20 V2 All-In-One Trainer

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  • The Force USA multi-gym G20 V2 All-In-One Trainer is the apex of home gyms. It is multifunctional and combines a Smith machine, a cable machine, a power rack, and a vertical leg press.
  • The guided barbell of the Smith machine is great for both beginners and pros, since the rails provide stability, and the spotter hooks offer safety. This allows you to focus on pushing yourself to the max.
  • 2:1 gear ratio on the cable machine with weight increments of 2.5 kg
  • The power rack lets you perform a number of barbell exercises with more freedom of movement than the Smith machine. You can adjust the height of the monolift arms, J-hooks, and spotter arms to your preferences for added safety.
  • 2 chin-up stations offer you a number of grip options at different angles even including spherical globe ends to build grip strength. The chin-ups and pull-ups complement an upperbody workout and primarily work your arms and back.
  • The G20 V2 caters to so many workout styles:
    • strength and split-training, HIIT, plyometrics and explosive training
  • A swivel arm for additional add-ons:
    • 1.5 metre-long support arm (requires a 1.53-meter range of motion)
    • Can be mounted on either side
    • 6 optional, fixed positions up to 90°
    • Can support a punching bag (not included)
  • Accessories include:
    • Multi-grip chin-up bar & globe chin-up bar
    • Swivel arm
    • Suspension system for attachments
    • Roller J-hooks for barbell training
    • Monolift barbell hook arms
    • Safety spotter arms for barbell training
    • Short & long pull bars with 2 Carabiner hooks
    • Lat bar, multi-grip lat bar & knee anchor for lat pulldown station
    • Triceps V-bar & triceps-rope
    • A-bar row
    • Close-grip handle, metal handles (pair), Adjustable nylon cable handles (pair) & single nylon handles (pair)
    • Leg press (detachable), Foot straps and footplate for seated rows
    • Calf block
    • 4 x band pegs
    • 2 x lock collars
    • 10 x spring collars (50 mm)
    • 10 x weight plate holders
    • Landmine / core-trainer with rotating holder
    • 4 x extension chains
    • 7 x carabiners
    • Storage for 2 barbells
    • Exercise chart
  • Hooks on the back of the G20 V2 home gym hold the various attachments to keep your workout area tidy and prevent things from being lost.
  • Westside hole spacing (2.5 cm from hole center to hole center) with 50 adjustment points along the entire length of the rack
  • The multi-gym is compatible with 50 mm weight plates.
  • Can be bolted into a floor for added stability
  • The high-quality, black powder-coating sealed with a clear varnish provides added protection against scratches and rust
  • Durable PVC and rubber were added to heavy-use areas
  • Weight stacks: each 130 kg/289 lbs
  • Interior dimensions: (L) 152 cm x(W) 101 cm x(H) 213 cm
  • Mitat - Force USA multi-gym G20 V2 All-In-One Trainer: (P) 169 cm x (L) 190 cm x (K) 230 cm

Force USA G20 V2 All-In-One Trainer – a home gym with many extra features

The multifunctional Force USA G20 packs a Smith machine, cable towers, a power rack, two pull-up stations, and a vertical leg press into one, unequalled multi-gym. You can customise the versatile training equipment to suit your personal preferences with a whole series of attachments, bars, grips, etc. This all-in-one gym lets you execute a training routine designed to address your specific workout needs. The training equipment also offers plenty of options to change up your workout and stimulate different muscle groups.

The integrated Smith Machine helps you perform basic barbell exercises like: squats, bench presses, deadlifts, overhead presses, rows, etc. To train using the Smith machine, it doesn’t matter if you’re already a pro or new to weightlifting. Beginners can concentrate on completing sets of exercises without worrying too much about technique since the rails guiding the barbell provide stability. Advanced lifters can focus on strength and really push themselves to the max with the hooks acting as a spotter for added security.
You can also easily attach the leg plate to the Smith machine to perform vertical leg presses.

The power rack offers you a space for a variety of barbell exercises with more freedom of movement. You can adjust the height of the monolift arms, J-hooks, and spotter arms according to your needs. These attachments allow you to train safely at home without a partner (spotter) present. With the power rack and the Smith machine, there’s virtually no barbell exercise you can’t do!

The cable machine with two, completely housed towers will give you a challenging workout no matter your fitness level. The two 130-kg weight stacks with a gear ratio of 2:1 and weight increments of 2.5 kg provide ample resistance for users with more strength training experience to test their limits. The cable machine lets you perform compound movements like butterflies as well as targeted exercises to isolate specific muscles. Combining barbell and cable exercises is extremely effective.

The G20 home gym is also great for chin ups and a variety of exercises which utilise your own bodyweight. The G20 actually has two chin-up stations to be exact. In addition to the multi-grip chin-up bar, there is also a globe chin-up bar to test your fingers’ grip strength while hanging on to the spherical ends. Both chin-up stations let you train your back, shoulders, arms, and abs. You can also order a pull-up band to help you perform more reps until you can consistently lift your own bodyweight.

A distinctive feature of this home gym is the swivel arm. This 1.5 metre-long arm can be attached to either side of the equipment. The arm swings out 90° with a total of 6 optional, fixed positions and can support the weight of a punching bag, for example. A punching bag provides a great warm-up exercise before working on your shoulders, triceps, and other upper-body muscles as well as your legs and glutes.

G20 V2 multi-gym for more variety in your workout

Whether you’re training for strength, functional purposes or explosive power, the Force USA multi-gym G20 V2 All-In-One Trainer has something for everyone. To ensure you never run out of ideas, when standing in the center of the multi-gym, to your left and right, you can see illustrations depicting many different exercises to choose from. This way you’ll always have inspiration for your workout and an overview of the possibilities for hitting any muscle group.

Space-saving design with plenty of storage – for a professional fitness studio or at home

The power rack has over 10 weight plate holders for 50-mm plates on the back of the unit. There is also plenty of storage for your attachments, barbells, handles, chains, and ropes. This means your equipment takes up less space while keeping everything within reach.
The Force USA multi-gym G20 V2 All-In-One Trainer is open in the back so you can easily walk through it, thereby allowing for more placement options: as a highlight in the center of a room, with the back up against a wall, or with one of the sides along a wall. Its black, functional aesthetic makes a good impression as an addition to any interior. The compact multi-gym was especially designed to allow for use in smaller spaces and to fit into a garage, cellar or workout room.

The Force USA multi-gym G20 V2 All-In-One Trainer has everything you need to build a better body at home. And depending on the particular exercises, its multi-functional construction means two people can use the equipment at once. You and a partner can motivate each other and enjoy the social benefits of training together in the convenience of your own home.

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