Plankpad Pro Balance Board mit App

Tuotenro PLANK-PP-01-PRO
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  • Unique software behind the product
  • Allows you to do a uniform, full-body working
  • Strengthening of deep muscles
  • Free-of-chargee app with many games and workouts
  • Offers you an all-round and entertaining workout experience
  • Training poster with many exercises included
  • Materials: high-quality maple wood in walnut look
  • Käyttäjän enimmäispaino: 180 kg
  • Mitat - Plankpad Pro Balance Board mit App: (P) 55 cm x (L) 36 cm x (K) 8.3 cm

Plankpad Pro - Your full-body, app-supported trainer

The Plankpad Pro Balance Board mit App combines fun and sport, so you can easily stay in form through play. It's versatile, it entertains and is easy to use for all ages.

Your own app and its unique background software motivate and support you in easily achieving your training goals.

The Plankpad Pro Balance Board mit App stands out through its stable construction and high-quality materials. It is made from maple wood with a walnut look. Due to the high quality materials, it can be loaded up to 180kg.

The soft and non-slip surface of the Plankpad Pro Balance Board mit App offers you a firm hold and prevents your smartphone or tablet from slipping whilst training with the app. When training has ended, the surface can be easily cleaned. In order to protect the floor on which you want to train, a suitable protective mat is included with the Plankpad Pro Balance Board mit App.

Get fit whilst playing!

The plank pad can be used in many ways and, in particular, as a balance board to focus training efforts on the leg muscles, body balance and motor coordination. With specially developed games and the possibility of casting the app onto a smart TV, the Plankpad Pro Balance Board mit App can be a snowboard or surfboard. In this way, the training is combined with the necessary portion of fun and variety, which also appeals to all ages and fitness levels. The app is constantly being developed for further games and training sessions.

That way, the Plankpad grows alongside your abilities.

The Plankpad Pro Balance Board mit App includes a floor-protecting mat, the app with many games and workouts, a 30-day challenge and an exercise poster.

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Simple et efficace
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Planche simple mais bien conçue, et app mobile de même. Je fais le challenge tous les jours, petit investissement facile à placer même dans des journées bien remplies. Le fait de travailler en déséquilibre est intéressant et je trouve beaucoup moins monotone que la planche classique. Les jeux sont ludiques ce qui ajoute une petite motivation supplémentaire à souffrir un peu plus dans les exercices quotidiens. Pour le moment je fais le challenge quotidien et 1 à 2 min de jeux. Ce qui fait 5min consacré à ces exercices tous les jours, pas trop contraignant. ... [Lue lisää]

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