Taurus Design Line Barbell, 45 | 75 | 115 kg

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  • Save even more when you buy our three sets rather than individual parts.
  • When good isn’t enough, reach for the best – the Taurus Design Line Barbell Set!
  • Impressive set of Taurus 30 mm Premium Barbell and Taurus Weight Plates, "Made in Germany"
  • Top quality, immaculate craftsmanship, and absolute precision
  • Scope of delivery of each set:
    • 45-kg Set: barbell, 2x 2.5 kg | 2x 5 kg | 2x 10 kg weight plates, a pair of barbell collars
    • 75-kg set: barbell, 2x 2,5 kg | 2x 5 kg | 2x 10 kg | 2x 15 kg weight plates, a pair of barbell collars
    • 115-kg set: barbell, 2x 2,5 kg | 2x 5 kg | 2x 10 kg | 2x 15 kg | 2x 20 kg weight plates, a pair of barbell collars
  • Product details of Taurus Premium weight plates:
      weight plate with a 30/31‑mm center hole
    • Utmost precision: maximal deviation from nominal weight is under 0.5%
    • Made in Germany: manufactured in one of Europe’s leading steel mills
    • CED‑coating: long-lasting and absolutely corrosion-resistant
  • Specifications of the Taurus Premium barbell:
    • 198‑cm barbell with 30‑mm diameter
    • Maximum load: 500 kg
    • Inner dimensions | max. grip width: 129 cm
    • Weight: 11.6 kg
    • Sleeve length: 32 cm each
    • Made of quality steel
  • Please note that the total weight with the 11.6‑kg barbell is 1.6 kg over the weight in the listed product name. This is to improve the marketability of the product name.

Taurus Design Line Barbell Set – a unique product for a unique workout.

The Taurus Design Line Barbell is bound to impress with its uniquely elegant design, premium quality and great price for such a fantastic set. The weight of the plates and barbell is nearly unrivalled in their accuracy. Whereas weight deviations of up to 5% are not uncommon in home fitness equipment, our maximum tolerance for weight deviations is just 0.5% of the nominal weight. This means the Taurus Design Line Barbell is suitable for use in competitions.

The Taurus Premium weight plate Made in Germany

Our new Taurus Premium weight plates are manufactured by the renowned ACO Guss in Germany. The close collaboration between the foundry in Kaiserslautern and Fitshop in Schleswig resulted in an extremely precise and durable design. The minimal weight deviation of the plates makes them suitable for competitive use. A particular highlight is the cathodic electrodeposition coating, which not only results in a smart finish but is also environmentally friendly. State-of-the-art technology is used in their production, and we value our employees’ many years of experience and attention to detail. Now that production has returned to Germany, we can avoid long transport routes thereby reducing CO2 emissions. ACO Guss is also ISO 50001 certified, which confirms they are taking action to improve energy efficiency. All in all, Taurus Premium weight plates are synonymous with quality, precision and sustainability.

Taurus Design Line – the perfect combination of timeless elegance and top quality

With the Design Line, Taurus is setting new standards in the field of fitness design. Each product in this series has been carefully designed to not only meet the highest functional requirements, but also to be visually pleasing. The result is a collection of fitness equipment that not only improves your workout, but also adds a stylish touch to any room.
Taurus Design Line Barbell, 45 | 75 | 115 kg PalkinnotTaurus Design Line Barbell, 45 | 75 | 115 kg PalkinnotTaurus Design Line Barbell, 45 | 75 | 115 kg PalkinnotTaurus Design Line Barbell, 45 | 75 | 115 kg Palkinnot

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